Hang Tough
Melanie. 20. interests: violin, tennis, singing, history , WWII, Band of Brothers,Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific,Pearl Harbor, The o.c, Les Mis, Josh Hartnett, Eddie Redmayne,. Game of Thrones. Pretty Little Liars. The Vampire Diaries,Greys Anatomy,House MD.

I would like to achieve many goals in life; they are- be somewhat famous (I'm so serious), be rich and happy, have a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous husband, be at least 5 feet tall. almost there. move far away from where I am, preferably NYC(only three hours from me actually,but still) or a beach.

um, well this was my mall… now it’s like a river.
my whole city is like under water. over 10,000 people evacuated. yeah this sucks.

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